We’ve been working on creating an enjoyable functional multiplayer Go game for a while.  The game has been growing and changing but we finally we now have a proper downloadable playtest version!

All the downloads for boards, pieces and cards can be found here:

Multiplayer Go v1.0 Downloads

and you can get the rule PDF directly here: MultiplayerGo-Playtesting Manual – v1.0.

It’s still pretty raw so we’d love feedback on how to make it better. Especially interesting are:

  • Clarity of the instructions,
  • Dynamics of the game (openings, mid-game, common Go patterns, end-game, scoring).

There is a feedback form here and email works too (feedback@timewarp.io). We’ll be posting game and playtest updates here over the next couple of days!

Looking forward to the feedback – good, bad and ugly!

UPDATE: See discussion on Reddit.

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