Today is an exciting day (!) we now have a Tabletopia version of Mitropia live! It’s a simulation of the real world board game and you can play with up to four players in your own game instance. This game version includes the latest game manual, a game board, tokens, dice and everything you need to have a full game.
Here’s what the game looks like when you’re playing:
You can create your own game zone and invite people to play via Facebook or simply sharing the link.
From here you can create a new game instance and share the link.
If you can gather a game crew of your own that’s great, if not post on the blog comments below / on facebook / on twitter when you want to play and we’ll try to join you on-line. Also, if you like what you see – upvote us on Tabletopia (on the homepage by giving us a star) – hopefully we’ll also be able to find more players for you that way!
We’d love feedback from your games and screenshots also: what did you like? What didn’t you like? Suggestions for improvement? You can download the current version of the manual in the online game area as well.
Huge thanks to Andrzej on the team for making this happen! While we’ve had a downloadable playtests for a while, it takes a lot of work to cut out all those tokens (trust us – we know!). Tabletopia is an awesome platform to try out our ideas on line. The refinements will then help us make the physical game.
Thank you also to the Tabletopia team for helping us get this up and running – the platform really is awesome!
More updates on some of the gameplay changes we’ve made soon.
UPDATE: Here is the current version of the game manual! Game Manual v1.171-withTabletopia

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