As we mentioned in the last post: we’ve decided to go with hexagonal board pieces for the final game. Having made that decision and tested using convenient hexes from Memoir’44 for the first prototype we’ve been working on our own designs.


Memoir’44 tiles made for a great test (yes, this playtest came with snacks!)

Making our own tiles is harder than it looks! We’ll be turning it over to our designers soon to do a proper job, but some fighting with Adobe Illustrator later we at least got a few sketches out as you can see here:


Sample terrain tiles for Mitropia: the rocks are impassable obstacles, the tunnel a wormhole to travel across the board and the castle a strategic point on the board worth more points than other locations

Here’s how they compose into a test board for Tabletopia. The grasslands are terrain tiles in this case (anyone can move there) the other tiles are either obstacles, strategic points of tunnels. Looking forward to playing this map!


Mitropia Test Board for Tabletopia

More work to be done on the tiles and now we’ll get the designers working on it so we can hide the weaknesses of our own photoshop skills!



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