It’s been a long Autumn and Winter grinding out small changes here and there + a bunch of playtesting. Finally, though we’re getting ready to print the next set of prototypes! One or two more weeks and we should be ready to go with:

  • A new hex-based board (woo!).
  • Great new artwork from Hans: for the game tiles and the tribes.
  • Player mats which provide special powers and insights for each of the tribes.
  • A newly layer out player manual!
  • Newly balanced card desks…

and a whole lot more. Things are never perfect, so we’re sure we’ll tweak after these prototypes are ready, BUT we’re excited for people to play this new version!

Proofs should be going to the manufacturer in a week or two and then the prototypes should be back three to four weeks after that. All being well we’ll be able to share them for some reviews and feedback then!

Here are a couple of artwork pieces from the process :-).

companies collection_01

Kickstarter here we come!

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