From our last gameplay update, you’ll know that we have five tribes competing in the game. Each tribe is unique and has its own special wisdom to apply on the fields of the Gods.

Player mat extract for the Trojan faction.

The first tribe we’ll introduce is the mighty Trojans. Right out of Homer’s Iliad, the Trojans are one of the most warlike factions in the game.

The player mat shows the tribal crest, a small hex which indicates direction of play and the primary color of the Tribe! Lastly, it has a quick reference to the special powers the Trojans hold in the game:

  • Final Blow: power number one is a big points bonus for being the players which wipes out another tribes forces. A final victory they were denied on the battlefields of Troy, but in your games … who knows!
  • Master of Strategy: Trojans gain a key tactical advantage by holding one more game card than all other players. This gives them more options in combat and the ability to store up more surprises for when they need them most!

The Trojans were our first tribe and up next we’ll be introducing their arch rivals The Corinthians…. stay tuned!

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