Onward in our journey through the Tribes of Mitropia to the Corinthians! Last week we introduced the Trojans and now we meet their homerian enemies from Corinth.

Player mat extract for the Corinthian faction.

The Corinthian’s were a key part of the Greek armies in the Iliad and in Mitropia they have the same honor on the battlefield and cunning in their planning. Their two special powers are:

  • Athena’s Artifice: Empowered by the Goddess Athena’s vision, when using the magical “worm hole” tunnels on the board to travel, Corinthians need not apply a pattern card to move on the other side. Instead move to any location within two of the tunnel exit. This makes for the ability to surprise even the most well defended of opponents!
  • Blood Debt: The corinthians also honor their prisoners and return them to their enemies to gain a valuable extra point for every prisoner held at the end of the game.

Now that we have two epic factions from the ancient world we can’t wait to see what Tribes join them next on the fields of Mitropia … coming next week!

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