When we first started designing Mitropia, the era of Homer’s Iliad became our anchor point and so it was natural that Corinthians and Trojans would be amongst our tribes. But who should join them? That was a harder task…

Spreading out across the world our next choice where the Zhou dynasty… ruling much of China between 1046 and 256 BCE, the Zhou were one of the longest lasting Chinese dynasties. Descended from the Longshan Neolithic culture, the Zhou followed the Shang into power.

Player mat extract for the Zhou.

In Mitropia, the Zhou become one of the most intriguing tribes! Combining ancient Longshan tradition with Shang dynasty cunning and organization they have the following tribal powers:

  • Blessings of the Mountain Spirits: Their affinity for mountains gets you +2 points for every mountain your domains touch at the end of the game.
  • Feint and Deceive: Zhou can move one of their own warriors on any turn by up to 3 places in addition to other moves. Though this cannot cause the capture of any opposing group or warrior in the same turn.

Two more tribes to come… and once more we’re changing continents for the next one…

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