In our tour of the Mitropia tribes, we’ve already met three of our fearless factions: the Corinthians, the Trojans and the Zhou dynasty. Now it’s time for the fourth: Combining solid defenses with surprising speed, Norse warriors can rampage across the battlefield whilst secure in the knowledge their home camp is well defended.

The special powers of this tribe are:

  • Chieftain Vigilance: The group with the chieftain takes liberties from not just one step away but two. This applies to all warriors in the group: making the group much safer than it otherwise would be.
  • Flying Leap: Capturing a Strategic Point on the board generates an extra move for you within 3 of the Strategic point (no pattern card required). This can only be used once per turn but is a great way to make strategic headway on the field of play!

One more tribe to go and … another change of continents coming up…

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