Finally, the cohort is complete and we can welcome our fifth and final tribe to Mitropia. Greetings to the fearless Kerma. You’ve already met the other four tribes the Corinthians, the Trojans, the Zhou and the Norse, but the Kerma add something new. Their mastery of the terrain and ability to draw on even more energy from the elements makes them powerful force!

The Kerma hail from vast reaches of the Nubian dessert along the ancient river Nile. Their tribes and kingdoms. Their culture rose from disparate tribes to powerful kingdoms. Their special powers in Mitropia are:

  • Soul Stealer: The player may trade in prisoners for cards. For each prisoner, draw 2 cards from draw pile and pick one. This can be used only once per turn.
  • Eye of the Hunter: You can use any open pattern card from any player on the table or the discard pile to move, not just your own.

How will these five tribes compete for the spoils of victory in Mitropia? You already have a hint from the Manual Preview but look out for new posts coming which explain the gameplay!

A huge thanks also to Hans Krill at Althwen for the fantastic art work that helped bring these tribes to life!

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