Ready, set, fly! We’re on our way to GenCon (Purple Hats and Moo Cards at the ready!). At the event we’ll quite a few cool give-aways: find us and we have collectable faction cards for each of the Mitropia tribes and if you come to a playtest then … rumor has it we may have some GenCon Swag (see the times below).

Best of all though, in the next five days (before the end of GenCon) if you sign up to our mailing list:

Sign up here!

Then you’ll be entered in our draw to receive one of the full Pre-Final prototypes which are rolling off the presses as we speak. These have:

  • Full artwork
  • Final game-pieces
  • All the newly designed game tiles
  • Player mats for all the factions
  • The full game experience!

These will ship at the end of August which is before the kickstarter starts up in October. These are the copies we’ll be sending to video preview teams as well, so you’ll really be in early on the action.

If you come and playtest Mitropia at GenCon you also get an extra entry in the draw and you can get a third if you share something about the playtest or Mitropia on social media (Twitter or Facebook both count). So you have lots of ways to boost your chances!

Our GenCon Sessions are at the following times:

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Well allocate the prototypes based on a random drawing done on Tuesday 6th of August, based on all legitimate entries from mailing list sign up, playtest participation and social media shares!

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