If you’re anywhere near downtown Indianapolis, then you will not have missed the fact that the storm that is Gen Con has arrived! The downtown sunshine is filled with good natured gamers and even the queues don’t seem to bad! As the official Gen Con twitter handle put it:

We had a great day exploring the expo. There was a lively bustle but not quite as crazy as the weekend promises to be! Serious gaming to be had…

Probably our favorite new game on the floor was “Windward” from the folks behind El Dorado. Space vessels combined with sailing and nautical themes + monsters which look like whales, all in a really great 3D setting.

Towards the end of the day we did make a brief stop for potions. About the only conclusion we could come to though was that it’s probably time to buy a new sword!

Back tomorrow for more fun and the first of our events at 11am!

Don’t forget to sign up for our mailing list to enter the draw to win one of our pre-final game prototypes!

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