After great days on Thursday and Friday, Saturday exploded even more and Gen Con was really rocking. The best strategy expressed by our play testers if you’ve been here two days already:

Quickly swing by the expo and then hide out in the Stadium and other venues to play games and visit workshops!

The Exploding Gen Con Expo!

Retreat we did and had some great playtest sessions throughout the day: thank you to all the play testers: great sports all and we hope you all had fun as well. A few of the game shots from the final game which managed to create an interesting wormhole chain!:

Thank you also to folks who came to our strategy game mapping workshop. We spent an hour throughly dissecting 7wonders and some great discussions. Look out for a blog post on that soon!

Strategy Map Workshop Crew – Morning Session! Look out if you are playing any of these folks at 7wonders any time soon!

One more great day to go: time to refuel and maybe even get some sleep – thank you for another great day Gen Con!

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