We had a fantastic time at Gen Con this year as you’ll already know from our Day 1, Day 2 and Day 3 coverage! Day 4 was no different: a little more bleary eyed and a little sad that it would be over soon, but more great moments at the expo and the gaming floor. Above all Gen Con was about meeting great people: the warmth and friendliness of the event stood out above all else!

All our play-testers were awesome, as were the many people at booths and stands showing their own games. Wishing everybody safe travels, here are some sentiments for the journey home!

Surviving GenCon is not guaranteed!
One of the best Haul’s we’ve seen! Props to @FishHookGames!
Yep – see you in ESSEN!!

We’ll definitely be back and in ESSEN (with a booth!): get signed up for our updates here: our mailing list. Maybe uPAX as well… we’ll see! If you missed any of the update posts from the first three days they are here:

Thank you Gen Con for a great year!

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