We had a wonderful time at Gen Con last week (you can find our updates and Gen Con wrap up here!). One of the highlights was the playtest sessions we did in the stadium: thank you for all those that participated, it was awesome to play through, learn and have fun with the game!

We’re closing in on our final prototypes (printing next week – Yahoo!) so it’s great to get the last bits of live feedback in. here are are some photos from the games we played.

More news on the prototypes soon: you can sign up here to get notifications. We’re also holding the drawing for a prototype – news on the winner shortly!

Drilling down into one of the test games: three players lay out their early positions:

The pre-game setup allows two pieces to be placed by each player, one move into the game proper and the white Norse player is already asserting some dominance!

As the game progresses groups get trapped by multiple factions:

The Norse factions started off in a good position along the far edge of the board but wasn’t able to connect with her main group… ending up with a tough loss along the edge!

In the second game on Friday, the scores ended up very close!

The white Norse player managed to hold the center by holding out to make two eyes but lost the edge to green (Kerma) right at the end!

The other games had some fun twists and turns, including this Saturday game: after an aggressive early attack by the Corinthian player (black), Red (Trojans) cut across their lines.

The contested space gets heated as Corinthian’s plays the move they need, Trojans “subvert” the move (which means they would steal that location), but Corinthians subvert right back!

Double subvert – pretty unlikely given the special move card deck!

We learned a lot over the four days and we’ll be updating a lot of edge cases in the player guidance. Thank you everyone!

Thank you to our wonderful play testers: here is a snap of the final Saturday session!

Follow game news here!

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