As you might have noticed things… are a little different around here! We just switched the name of the site (and twitter / facebook accounts) to be the name for our team “Timewarp Labs” rather than the name of the game we’re developing “Mitropia”.

There is lots of Mitropia news coming now since we’re planning to launch on Kickstarter in November and there is a shiny new website coming for the game! At the same time it was confusing to have posts about the game, gencon and other things all mixed in together.

So from now on this site is the team site “Timewarp Labs” and it’ll have game progress and other stuff. You’ll also continue to find #StrategyGameGeeks posts here like the wildly popular Scythe Strategy post from a while back (more to come!).

More news on the wonderful new Mitropia site coming soon!

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