It’s a little hard to believe but… such exciting days DO HAPPEN! We finally have two great video previews of Mitropia from the folks at Tantrum House and from Dan at TheGameBoyGeek!

It’s “hide behind the sofa exciting” watching the videos come in and see the Pros play the game! Lots more to say about these but posting them now as soon as we can. Here they are!!

Video preview from Tantrum House!
Video preview from The Game Boy Geek!

Wow, we can stop running round the room now (at least slow down a bit). Thanks so much to Tantrum and to Dan. Super nice to see some thoughts, explanation and feedback. The game is still in development so we will be tweaking a few things but it’s close to final, so a lot of what you see is what will be in the box!!

We are going to be at PAX Unplugged in a couple of weeks: look out for news from there!

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