As you will have noticed, we’ve just changed the web site name and twitter handle from Timewarp Labs to StrategyGameGeeks (and @StrategyGeeks on twitter). We’re still proudly Timewarp Labs and there’ll be a teampage for us very soon as well but we wanted to make the change for a couple of reasons! The big ones are:

  • We’ll be posting more board game strategy posts like our Scythe Strategy Map here and rather than just trying to put #StrategyGameGeeks on everything it’s much easier to just move the site over to that.
  • We’re also doing more Kickstarter preview videos and the change makes sense for those as well.
  • The timewarp team does quite a few different things so this helps make our love of games a bit more obvious!

So, we’re not going away, we’re just changing the decor a bit! More on the timewarp labs homepage sometime soon! Hopefully if we’ve done everything right you’ll still be able to find all our content just as before we redirects and a few bits of other magic :-).

Thank you for your patience while we redecorate!

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