Phew, what crazy times we live in! We’ve been working on the Kickstarter launch for Mitropia for quite some time as many of you know and the planned date is now just around the corner: April 16th!

Obviously the world is more than a little chaotic right now with lots going on, quarantine in many countries, medical emergencies and threats to their jobs for many. It is, and will continue to be, a trying time for many.

So it’s definitely fair to ask if this is the right time to launch the project? There’s no easy answer to this and we’ve been going back and forth on the topic for several weeks. Definitely many people will have other priorities (as they should!), but on balance we decided the answer is yes.. we should still launch and hope the game might bring a bit of a positive spark to year year!.

From the Kickstarter point of view, whilst it will probably mean it’ll be harder to make the funding goal and it may be tough for some people to support, launching now means we should hopefully still be able to deliver the game in the fall of this year.

Hopefully things will be back to some sort of normal by then, but if not, perhaps this is something which might bring some happiness towards the end of the year when it does ship! A new board game by then will hopefully be a welcome addition!

We’ve also tried to squeeze the price down as much as we possible can and we’re also planning on having an online tabletopia version of the game available during the campaign so that people who are self isolating can get some game for free time right up front!

So fingers crossed and here’s hoping it all works out! We’d love your support at the launch, even if it’s only for $1: every little helps!

Also, if you’re not signed up to our launch notification list: then sign up and you’ll get an exclusive free pin if you back the project and it’s funded!

What we’re launching!

In Mitropia you play one of five tribes (see them here) that ascend to the fields of the Gods to play the mythical game of surrounding. Each tribe has special powers but the same aim: surround your opponents and capture as much of the terrain as possible. The underlying mechanics of Mitropia are based on the ancient game of Go, making gameplay rich and complex, despite the simple rules.

Unlike Go however, up to five players can play together and there are cards which both restrict movement and allow for special surprises. The game terrain map also changes on every play through of the game.

We’ve done 100s of playtests (and still going) and it’s fun and engaging every game. You certainly don’t need to be a skilled player to do well and there are always surprises in store.

In the kickstarter campaign, there will be several options including a base version where we’ve kept the price as low as possible and a premium version with extra game play items.

We also have a raft of stretch goals to hit to make the game better for everyone!

Here’s is our fun Kickstarter video so you can get a better idea!

The Mitropia Kickstarter Video

For more video you can also check the play through videos from Tantrum House and Game Boy Geek.

What has changed since Spiel Essen!

A huge thank you if you came and playtested Mitropia at Speil Essen last year or since. The comments and encouragement were truly inspiring! The pushed us to keep going + also to dig deeper to make the game even better!

You comments resulted in several key changes to the game:

  • Removing the initial complex set up phase. (To complex and not that valuable!)
  • Simplifying the powers of the five tribes to make them easier to use.
  • Design changes in the pieces and art.
  • Including a strategy mode as part of the core game.
  • Simplifying the way cards work in order to collapse everything down to a single card deck. (two decks really was confusing!)
  • Making it easier to play 2-player quick blitz games on small boards. (An “Invented in Essen” game mode!)

More importantly though, the feedback led us to add a number of new gameplay extensions, each of which deepens the game play experience. Each of the these will be an expansion of the game during the kickstarter! The main ones are:

  • Terrain enhancements: Adding new terrain types the tribes capture matters and affects the score.
  • Settlements: Adding the ability for players to build settlement camps on some of their turns to expand their claim to the territory and generate higher and higher scores.
  • Wrath of the Gods: surprising in game events which change the game and even the map itself to increase the randomness of the game.

All the expansions in gameplay can be used together or by themselves. We’re really excited to share these details with you as the kickstarter gets going. We’ll be relying on your feedback for some of the final final design choices.

Thank you again to the epic playtesters!

What you can do now

Apart from signing up to the notification system, we’d be super grateful if you share this post, the signup page or the video on social media or directly with anyone you think might be interested. Any extra support would be hugely appreciated.

Oh and keep your fingers crossed!

Get set for the 16th of April and in the meantime, stay safe and sane in these challenging times!

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