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We’re a team of strategy game fans building our own new strategy game (check out Mitropia in our posts and signup for notifications here!) and having fun writing about strategy games in general. On this site you’ll find deep dive strategy maps for some of today’s best strategy games, some kickstarter previews and content on building the Mitropia game.
We’re not a professional review site, nor do we want to compete with them. For awesome content go see it at source at our favorites like:
Hopefully our posts are a fun addition to the pantheon of information on some great strategy games though. We’d love to hear your comments on what we got right and wrong! Sign-up for our regular newsletter here.
On the game design side, Mitropia is our first board game and you can find the history of it below. We’re aiming for kickstarter launch later this year and if you’d like to be notified about Mitropia specific launch information! (There will be special give-aways for super early backers!).

Questions about Mitropia

Why Go? Why Multiplayer?

Go is one of the world’s great games. Its depth of strategy and tactics is nearly unmatched by anything else: even modern tabletop and electronic games. It’s always been unfortunate that it isn’t possible to play with more than one person AND it is rather inaccessible for the casual player. We are looking to change that.

Is this the first attempt at multiplayer Go?

No. There have been quite a few, actually. See our Hello World post!

Is the resulting game really “multiplayer Go”?

No, no really. It would be more accurate to say that it’s a multiplayer game which is partly inspired by the Go game mechanic. Our goal is to create a game that retains the strategic/tactical depth of traditional Go and makes it richer while adding some new elements to help make it a more initially accessible game.

You say that the rules are (or will be) open source/creative commons – what does that mean?

We don’t know if this version of the game will be a commercial success or not, or if we’ll even be able to build it (though we plan to try: sign up for the mailing list to track us!). But, whatever happens, we hope that others might be able to reuse the rules and concepts. To do that, the rules will be open source and copyright free under creative commons.

How can I help?

Feedback is our greatest need at the moment: that, and spreading the word. For feedback, we’d love comments and feedback on the blog articles, on the rule set or by email (via the Contact page or directly to To spread the word, please pass along the link to this blog to friends you think might be interested.

I want to playtest the game! How do I do that?

Check out our playtest kit blog post and send us feedback!

How do I stay informed?

You can join the mailing list here!